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About Us

It was sweet love . . . 

Cookie - yes, that's my real name! and my business partner Petros (or Peter) fell in love with Del Ray about 12 years ago.

We used to come and walk on Mount Vernon Avenue, have delicious meals in the different restaurants, and enjoyed stopping in each locally owned shop. We said to each other "Wouldn't it be great to have our own shop here on the Avenue?"

And voila - a new business was formed. I lived in Alexandria for the last 35 years so I'm very familiar with the area. Del Ray is a wonderful community that supports local and we're honored to be a part of it. 

How did we get to where we are now?

As a serial entrepreneur and franchise consultant I always knew I wanted to be a successful business owner, just like my father. Petros has retail and customer service experience, having owned and operated a restaurant, cafe and bakery overseas for years. We coupled that with Petros' passion for details and helping people, that is the chemistry we bring to the store.

We're put our experiences together to serve the Del Ray community with delicious desserts. We firmly believe that people do not come to a store for strictly the product, but for the pleasant encounter with the staff, the cozy ambiance of the store and the genuine smiles and the detailed personal service they receive, the whole experience. That's what we're committed to providing you each and every time you visit us. 

Stop by and say hello!

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Dolce and Bean is a family owned confectionery shop offering premium artisanal products. We delight in satiating those everyday cravings and creating a lasting memory for your taste buds. We do this not only by delivering delicious and wholesome items, but by maintaining focus on offering consistency, quality, and a luxurious experience to our customers.

"Dolce" meaning sweetness and softness, is a word that encompasses an array of items we offer as well as the care we take in providing them to you.  "Bean" gives presence to the humble beans many of our delicious creations begin their life as. Our name is representative of this journey and we strive to follow the same path from the moment you walk into your last bite!