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Whether you’re a couple planning your special day, or a wedding planner looking for the best dessert options for your client, you have come to the right place!


From something unique and sweet to complement the wedding cake, to full dessert bars for a dessert-and-coffee reception, we have options for every wedding and every budget!

Duo - Chocolate Desserts

We can offer luxurious additions to any wedding dessert display. If the focal point is a traditional tiered wedding cake, we can build a dynamic backdrop to complement the cake. And let’s face it, all eyes are on the cake, but everyone doesn’t necessarily eat cake. So rather than have plates with half eaten cake laying around the reception tables, we can create mini-bite desserts that guests can enjoy throughout the reception.

For example, we can select macarons that complement the formal cake flavors to build a gorgeous macaron tower to match the wedding scheme.

Or perhaps you want to offer cupcakes to your guests, in which case we can create a cupcake tower (or cake pops) to match the wedding theme.

Dessert Catering Alexandria VA

Better yet, how would you like to offer an unexpected treat to your guests, in the form of a gelato bar?

We can create a fun production with cake pops and gelato to mimic the cake and ice cream birthday parties we had as kids, and the adults in the room will love the nostalgic twist!

Wedding desserts don’t have to stop with the reception guests. We can also create dessert options for the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower and bachelorette party.

    Wedding Favors

    customized chocolates

    We can customize chocolates with the couple’s initials, logo, or any other message you would like.

    From gifts for the bridal party, to takeaways for reception guests, we know many brides like to give a token to family and friends as a souvenir. Our wedding favors are the tastiest souvenirs you can find!

    We can help you to create the sweetest wedding favors.

    For example, for the choco-holic couple, we can create gift bags of truffles, hand-painted artisanal chocolates or custom chocolates sure to please every recipient.

    We will help you coordinate the perfect wedding favors, to create that special something for your wedding guests!

    chocolate fountain with marshmallows and strawberries Dolce and Bean

    A chocolate fountain is always a hit! Click here to learn more about our chocolate fountain options for your wedding.

    Personalized Options

    We invite you to consider our custom branded macarons, mini cupcakes and chocolates as part of your dessert catering. We can imprint the bride and groom’s initials, logo, or any other message the bridal couple would like to share.

    Our custom macarons, cupcakes and chocolates are sure to bring a smile to your everyone’s face, and they taste as yummy as they look. And as the perfect bonus, they will look great in the wedding photos!

    personalized macarons

    We’ve been paying attention, and we know that many of today’s brides want an Instagram worthy wedding. Who are we to disappoint them?