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The Most Fantastic Dessert Ideas for Graduation Parties

Is your teen getting ready to graduate from high school or college? Now that he or she is completing school and getting ready to head off to college or out into the world as an adult, you may want to throw a graduation party to celebrate your teenager’s accomplishments.

While planning the party, you’re likely thinking about the different types of desserts you should serve for all the guests to enjoy when they get hungry. If you’re not sure what to do, having the party catered is something to consider because it’s less stressful and quite convenient.

When the party is catered, you don’t have to worry about preparing anything on your own. Most importantly, when working with a specialty dessert caterer you'll have the option of a wide selection of delicious desserts and treats for everyone to enjoy regardless of their personal preferences.

Waffle Bar With Toppings

The waffle bar with assorted toppings is one of the best dessert bars to offer during a graduation celebration. Imagine guests coming up and picking their favorite waffle flavor (yes there's more than just plain!) where they're made fresh in front of you, served on a stick with a bar of toppings and dippers to choose from such as sliced strawberries, sliced bananas, whipped cream, chocolate chips, nuts, and even peanut butter. With dozens of options to choose from, guests can easily customize their own tasty waffle treats and enjoy them. Waffles aren't just for breakfast anymore. This is such a fun treat that will make your graduation party so memorable.

Crepes in a Cone

Sure you could do ice cream in a cone, but that's so "vanilla." Having a bar with freshly made crepes rolled with your favorite toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate crumbles, strawberry slices, marshmallows, and even coconut shavings. into a cone. Easy to hold, easy to eat. Guests can choose what they’d like to add to their crepes before the crepes are placed inside of the cones. Perfect for a graduation party so you don't have to worry about a mess.

Gelato Bar

Speaking of ice cream, how about something healthier with more exotic flavors? Treat your guests to hand-crafted, artisanal gelato. Healthier than ice cream, it’s so rich and creamy. Your guests will love it!

Full Dessert Bar

If you want to offer a little bit of everything to the guests, a full dessert bar is the perfect choice for the graduation party. A full dessert bar could include delectable treats such as mini cupcakes, French macarons, assorted chocolates, and even mini-pastries. Did you know we can even do custom-printed macarons and/or cupcakes? How special will your graduate feel with their name, photo and/or school printed on these desserts? Sweet, right?

When planning your teen’s graduation party, it's always nice to have a wide selection of different desserts available for your guests to choose from. Rather than driving yourself crazy while trying to prepare the assorted desserts on your own, consider hiring a dessert catering company to help you out. They'll be able to provide lots of convenient and tasty treats, including waffles with toppings, crepes in cones, and a full dessert bar with anything you could possibly want to eat. They'll do all of the work - you just enjoy the special celebration.

You could do catered dessert platters for pickup and/or delivery or you something as elaborate as having the dessert catering company come onsite and serve your guests with a waffle bar or crepe bar.

Anyone who comes to the graduation party will surely have a good time hanging out with loved ones while snacking on some of the tastiest treats. It will be a "sweet" and memorable event for all!

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