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Birthday Dessert Catering Makes Celebrations Fun and Easy

Birthday Dessert Catering Can Make Your Party Fun and Easy!

If you are planning a birthday party, either for yourself or someone else, you have several different things to consider in order to make sure everyone has a good time. Among those is choosing the right desserts. While many people opt for a generic cake from the local supermarket, those dry cakes are anything but celebratory. Instead, consider hiring a dessert caterer to create fabulous desserts that your guests will love.

The best choices for your birthday party desserts will depend on many different factors, including the age of the birthday boy or girl. Obviously you would want different desserts for a ten-year-old child than you would for a senior citizen. Fortunately, a dessert catering company can help you choose the best ones based on this and more.

Children love to have parties, especially ones where they get to be the center of attention. If your youngster is old enough, you can ask for their opinions regarding the desserts that you are going to serve. On the other hand, you might want to keep the whole birthday party decor a big surprise.

Cupcakes, mini-pops, or waffle bars are a perfect choice for children’s parties. Getting a birthday dessert platter is great solution if you want to offer lots of choices. This ensures that everyone has equal servings and it is easy for guests to take extras home if you have more than your family is going to eat. Plus, everyone can choose exactly what they want while being able to taste different options. When you serve a cake, everyone gets the same thing, and usually most of it sits on the plate uneaten.

Likewise, adults love to have delicious desserts for their birthday parties. While cakes are always a good standby, many grown ups prefer to have something a bit more mature for their celebration. Perhaps instead of a basic yellow or white cake you want a special design, flavor or type of cake decor. Gourmet flavors like tiramisu, red velvet and bourbon vanilla are some of the many options available. Though your local supermarket bakery cannot handle complex orders like that, your dessert catering company can.

Alternatively, many adults seek out individual little desserts, not unlike the cupcakes that are great for children’s parties. For instance, French macarons, delicious mini-pastries, or decadent chocolates. The choice should be something that the birthday celebrant really enjoys.

If you want to offer something really special and memorable, custom printed macarons and/or cupcakes make a perfect choice. Imagine having a picture of the birthday boy/girl on edible desserts – or their name – or their favorite colors. Your guests – and the birthday celebrant – will rave about it for a long time.

One of the great things about going this route is that you can choose two or three small dessert items for the party. For instance, mini cheesecakes or eclairs. Talk to the dessert caterer about what types of desserts would work best based on the age, preferences and theme of the host and guests.

What about ice cream you ask? How about something more rich, creamy, delicious with less calories instead? Italian gelato makes a great birthday dessert option and with gelato catering everyone can choose their favorite flavors and add toppings as well.

If you want to have a party that people will remember for many years to come, have a professional caterer handle all of your desserts. You and everyone else who attends will appreciate the effort and delicious flavors of these specialty desserts!

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