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Corporate Dessert Catering To Start off The Year Right

The Benefits Of Corporate Dessert Catering – Start The New Year Right

In January, people are often drained from activities during the holiday season. Your employees have been to a lot of social events as well as shopping, entertaining, and celebrating the start of a new year. Now everyone is back in the office and you need to get employees excited about attending staff meetings and corporate events. It can be more difficult right after New Year’s Day. To recharge your staff and put them back in that holiday frame of mind, consider having dessert catering options at your next company event or meeting.

Why Use Corporate Dessert Caterers in January?

One of the things that people tend to remember about holiday dinners, wedding receptions, and even corporate events are the desserts. The reality is food is a motivator – and good food, especially desserts – not only motivate but are remembered.

Sure, you can have a simple cake or a typical ice cream social, but if you want a truly professional, unique and memorable event that everyone is bound to love and savor, make sure you have a gourmet dessert caterer provide options. Remember, most corporate events are not held during a typical time for meals – they’re usually mid-to late afternoon, right when people crave something sweet as a pick-me-up. Providing dessert bar options such as macarons, mini-pastries, or cupcakes make meeting planning easy.

A catered dessert bar is always guaranteed to draw a crowd and get people to attend your events and meetings. Just mention there’s free gourmet pumpkin cheesecake and they’ll line up early just to get some. Reality is some events and meetings are mandatory and staff may not be so excited to attend. Having a selection of professional baked desserts that everyone can enjoy will quickly change the mood.

How Does Corporate Dessert Catering Work?

Most likely it’s not your “real” job to plan meetings and events. You want to look good to your boss and employees. That’s why you should work with a local corporate dessert caterer. They’ll know what desserts people like best, how many are suggested based on the number of people you need to serve, and what options fit best within your budget. Typically, you can choose from either dessert platters that get picked up or delivered or go with a full dessert bar catering option, where staff are there to serve and restock items as they run low.

People love dessert so why not give them multiple options? Instead of just putting out a cake or pie that everyone then has to eat, a dessert caterer can provide multiple dessert options in smaller portions. This allows everyone to sample a variety of different options and they don’t have to commit to just one slice of something that is larger.

Chances are the people at your office all have different tastes. When you use professional dessert catering, you do not have to fret about ordering just one thing that everyone may or may not like. For instance, some folks don’t like chocolate but others just crave it. Some people like fruit pies, but other steer away from certain kinds of fruit. A dessert table contains a selection of different pastries or different kinds of desserts, so there are bound to be choices for everybody who attends. This also gives people a chance to try some desserts that they may never have sampled before.

For most events, it’s a good idea to order about three selections per person. That adds up to a generous portion for even the hungriest of your employees. If you have any leftovers, you can be sure that somebody will be happy to take a couple of samples home for their spouse or children or maybe even for a snack the next day.

Call Upon Dessert Catering Pros Today

Imagine how happy employees will be to see a dessert table with all sorts of sweets they can enjoy during January meetings. Of course, you’ll certainly enjoy it too, and you’ll also enjoy how eager your people are to show up at your event. Now that your mouth has started watering, it’s time to learn more about getting corporate events catered by dessert catering pros. Contact us to discuss how we can make your next meeting or event sweet!

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