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Is A Corporate Dessert Bar A Good Idea?

Planning a corporate event? If so, many of the people who work for the corporation will likely attend the event in the hopes of having a good time. But what will really make people show up is knowing there's something really "sweet" - literally.

If you want to make sure that there's both a great turnout for your next corporate event - and that everyone has a great time - consider having a catered dessert bar.

Pick Out the Right Dessert Bar Catering Company

Prior to figuring out what types of desserts should be served at the event, you might want to go on the hunt for the right catering company. Check out websites of these different companies and review their menu lists before you pick one. You should read their reviews and make sure they’ve got favorable ratings based on their service, cleanliness, and quality of the desserts that they prepare.

Choosing the right company is crucial. You’ll need to make sure the dessert arrives on time for the event. You’ll also need to make sure the dessert is freshly prepared with fine ingredients. You wouldn’t want the desserts to taste bad or old because they were made too far in advance.

Decide on the Desserts You’d Like to Have Served

After you’ve found a company for your dessert bar catering, go over the list of desserts they prepare and select the ones you’d like to have served at your event. It’s important to choose different types of desserts so that you’ll have something there for everyone to enjoy. You wouldn’t want to only have chocolate items, especially if some of the people attending the event don’t even eat chocolate. The right dessert catering company will be able to provide you with different options for everyone, including gluten-free and dairy-free options.

Consider picking out an assortment of cakes, pastries, and cookies. Your guests will be able to look around at all the tasty desserts on the buffet table and then decide what they’d like to add onto their plates. This gives them the option of lots of sweet treats, so they can try different ones.

Select a Date for Your Dessert Bar Catering

Fill out the list of all the desserts you’d like to have prepared and ready for your corporate event. The next step is to talk to the company about your wants and needs, along with letting them know the date and time of the event so that they’re aware. Be clear on if you're just looking for drop-off service, or if you need the catering company to serve. Those who work for the catering company need to know this information so that they can have the desserts prepared fresh for you and then bring it over to the location of the event.

A catered dessert bar is a great choice for any corporate event. Those who attend the event will appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into selecting something so fun for them to enjoy while they’re having a good time. 

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