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Chocolate – It’s Good For You!

Did you know that eating chocolate is good for you? There are many benefits you’ll get from eating chocolate.

There are many different types of foods that have been vilified over the years and some of them truly did earn that position. One food that is often targeted as something that is unhealthy is chocolate, but that is only if you are not looking underneath the surface. The fact of the matter is, there are many benefits of chocolate to be considered and they may even change your mind as to how often you can enjoy this sweet delicacy.

Before we start to discuss some of the benefits of chocolate, it is important to consider the fact that you can have too much of a good thing. Chocolate itself is quite beneficial but the processing and sugar that is often included in chocolate can be a bit much for the waistline. Make sure that you keep this in mind so that you can enjoy chocolate without having to worry about the negative effects that it could have on your body.

Here are 7 different benefits of eating chocolate:

Healthy Heart – There is some research that shows that many cardiovascular benefits can be handled by eating chocolate regularly. The study was done in Sweden and involved 31,000 women who ate dark chocolate once or twice a week. Eating chocolate helps to cut their risk of heart failure by 1/3.

Happy Kids – When women eat chocolate during pregnancy, they are often able to handle stress better and it seems that the children also tend to be happier.

Weight loss – Although most people consider chocolate to be detrimental to any weight loss efforts, it may actually help to reduce weight if you do things properly. Studies have shown that eating some dark chocolate in your otherwise healthy diet can help you to drop some pounds or quickly. Dark chocolate tends to be filling and helps to cut cravings for other foods that should be off of the menu.

Stress – Many people reach for a piece of chocolate when they are stressed out, and they may be doing so for a good reason. Studies have shown that eating chocolate regularly can help to reduce stress by providing you with an emotional eating outlet for the tension you are feeling. As long as you don’t overdo it, eating some dark chocolate regularly can help to reduce your stress levels.

Prevent diabetes – Did you know that many study show that it is not sugar that causes diabetes but rather, it is excess fat in the diet? In fact, an Italian study showed that eating some dark chocolate daily reduced problems with insulin resistance by up to 50%.

Intelligence – If you need a little bit of a mental boost, eating some chocolate may help. Grab a dark chocolate bar and research shows that you will have brain benefits for up to three hours.

Other Benefits – There are many other benefits associated with eating chocolate that are to numerous to mention. They include protection from the sun thanks flavonoids, relief from coughing and even a reduction in diarrhea. The next time you need a healthy boost, consider grabbing some chocolate.

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