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Dessert Wars – Gelato vs Ice Cream?

Everyone is choosy when it comes to desserts. Should you go for something light and healthy? Should you indulge? Isn’t everything okay in moderation? There are many questions to ponder when picking a delicious dessert and what sometimes wins the war is taste.

When choosing gelato vs ice cream, it seems like there is not much of a difference as far as taste goes. Both desserts are frozen, creamy and sweet. Both come in similar flavors – so many similar flavors it might seem like there is not a big difference between the two. There are a few distinct differences between the two, though.

First, ice cream is made mostly of milk, sugar, cream and egg yolks. Flavors are added in and the dessert is cooked together. It forms a custard. This is the base. Once this custard base cools it gets churned at a high speed. The speed increases the custard’s volume with the help of air. It is then frozen and served at a cold temperature.

The coldness of the ice cream is what holds scoops together. The texture is smooth, light and creamy. As for gelato, there is a difference with both temperature and texture.

Gelato means ice cream in Italian. The dessert is made with a custard just like ice cream except the proportion of milk to cream and eggs is different. There is more milk and less cream and eggs in gelato vs ice cream. Sometimes it is made without any eggs.

Gelato gets churned just like ice cream only it gets churned at a slower speed. This allows less air to incorporate and this makes it less dense than ice cream. It is also frozen and then served.

The main difference at the serving stage is that gelato is served warmer than ice cream. This makes it have a silky, soft texture.

When choosing between the two, many people make up their minds based on personal preference. Some people like ice cream and want something ice cold that will not melt right away. Some people prefer the texture of gelato and do not mind having to eat it relatively quickly on a hot day. Leave it to sit too long and it melts much faster than ice cream.

Flavors are very similar and can include chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and strawberry. Ice cream and gelato can both be subject to gourmet flavor whims, too. Some people prefer gelato because they feel it is fancier than ice cream.

One thing to know about gelato if you are health conscious is that it contains less fat than most ice creams. Ice milk might have less fat, too, but they certainly have a thinner consistency than either ice cream or gelato. Gelato might win the war on taste choice based on its lower fat content.

The lower fat content in gelato is also what makes its flavors come through more than flavors in ice cream. Try both and decide for yourself which is the winner for you.

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